Company Profile

Founded in 2006, Shanghai Yuanhao Investment Management Company Limited (“Shanghai Yuanhao”) is a China focused alternative asset management firm.  It is a member of Asset Management Association of China (“AMAC”).  In 2010, an office was established in Hong Kong named as Yuanhao Capital Management Limited (“Yuanhao Capital”).  It is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) to carry on Type 9 regulated activity (Asset Management) in Hong Kong.

Shanghai Yuanhao and Yuanhao Capital (collectively known as “Yuanhao”) manage both onshore and offshore products.  The investment objective of Yuanhao is to obtain absolute investment return and achieve long-term capital appreciation through active investments in Greater China equity markets. We believe that we are well positioned to deliver superior returns through a combination of astute top down macro-economic and industrial analysis with strong bottom-up, fundamental company research.

Yuanhao’s professional team comes from local and overseas markets with dynamic experiences, multicultural perspectives and elite educational backgrounds.  The combination of western training and eastern knowledge expertise enhances our expansion to global network.

Yuanhao Greater China Fund was awarded China Fund of the Year 2014 by AsiaHedge.
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